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Do you choose the genuine Tencel bedding set?
Jun 19, 2018

Sometimes,we can find Tencel bedding set on the market.But it is sold just dozens of yuan.In fact,it is of polyester fabric.However,Tencel is kind of Loycell fiber,, which is a kind of cellulose fiber made from wood pulp. They are quite different.

But some customers don't know the difference.Besides,some features of Tencel and polyester are similar.So they are easily misunderstanding.So when you pay dozens of yuan for a Tencel bedding set,actually, it is bedding set made of polyester.When in summer,it is susceptible to allergies.

Many Tencel products on the market are namely made of 100% pure Tencel. The actual composition may be half of Tencel and half of polyester.There is one thing that must be made clear: Regenerated cellulose fiber is not necessarily Tencel ,it may also be modal or viscose fibers.