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The bedding color reflects your character
Oct 20, 2018

People are used to knowing others by their constellation. But we can know people a little by the bedding color they like.

White-simple, cool and elegant


People who like white bedding prefer minimalism. They don’t like the exaggerated colors and things and have a simple inner heart. They like a simple and natural lifestyle. They are a little bit perfectionist. They are not arrogant and talk little to unfamiliar people.

Blue-rational and calm


People who like blue bedding are modest, rational and calm. They are not impatient, impulsive and have strong logics. In the face of sudden problems, they analyze carefully, calmly think and can act as a good decision maker.

Yellow-free and easy


Those who love yellow bedding are confident and bright. They like to meet friends and are good at getting the trust of others in interpersonal communication. They pursue freshness and hate the unchanging life.

Green-positive and out-going


The green bedding can always give the room a sense of life, as if we are in the forest, even the air in the room is fresh and sultry. The owner of the room is positive. They long for love peace, and have harmonious interpersonal relationships, but they also keep a caution.

Pink-delicate and gentle


You who love pink bedding will undoubtedly give you a sense of youth, romance and love. They have gentle character and are more tolerant of people and things. They are not willing to conflict with people.