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The Different Printing Bedding
Dec 19, 2018

     Active printing and dyeing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing process. It has many kinds of colors, and the dyed fabrics are bright, and the colors on both sides are deep! It feels soft . More importantly, it is not easy to fade, but it is not resistant to the sunshine and a little bit expensive.

     The principle of reactive printing is a dye with a reactive gene that combines with the fiber molecules of the fabric to form a whole. So it is more environmentally friendly.

     The pigment printing is simple, the cost is low, and the technology is mature. The printed patterns have a clear outline, but it is easy to fade and it is not environmentally friendly and has a hard hand.

     The principle of pigment printing is simply to make the pigment become the mill base, then mix it with the binder and catalyst, and then print it on the textile. It is a physical method and the pigment itself does not react with the fabric.

     Half-reactive printing is a printing method between active and pigment. It is close to active printing and dyeing in quality, does not contain harmful substances to the human body. It is not easy to fade, and the fabric feels better, and the cost is lower than that of active printing.